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Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! My name is Jakob Witt and I'm a 3D Digital Artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. On this site you will find a selection of my artwork including commissioned work, as well as some of my personal projects. I appreciate feedback and I love to learn - so please don't hold back if you have a question, if you feel like commenting on some of my work, or if you have an idea or a project that you would like to discuss.


I was born in 1988 in Copenhagen, in a small free town called Christiania, and here I have lived ever since. I spent 12 years at a Waldorf school called Vidar Skolen, located in Gentofte - an outer district of  Copenhagen. 12 years of school in a row felt like a lot, so I decided to take a couple of years off the bench, and got to work both as a piccolo for the danish designer Ivan Grundahl, and as a waiter at the danish  Restaurant Zeleste.

Around 2006 I got inspired by  good friend of mine who had just started doing 3D computer graphics as a hobby.  I think the fact that you can create almost everything in 3D that you can possibly think of, got me hooked. In 2009 I decided to start my education as a 3D Digital Artist/3D Game Artist at Truemax Academy in Vanløse, Copenhagen. In order to qualify for their 3 year long program, I had to pass a 14 week introduction course to 3D, called 3D Fundamentals. This was pretty easily done, but more importantly: I convinced myself that I loved it and I was eager to learn some more.



In September 2012 I finished my final exam at Truemax Academy with 12(A) as the final given grade. As a newly graduated 3D Artist I felt ready to conquer the world.


My first real job came as a natural extension of my internship at the danish animation studio Nice Ninja. I was ecstatic about my new job, and as a new animator I felt very privileged to be working with and learn from some of the greatest animators in Denmark. During my 22 weeks as an intern I joined the production team on the Danish animated feature film Marco Macaco. Even though I wasn't part of production from the start of the project, it felt amazing to help lay down the last pieces of the puzzle. I was thrilled and honored when I was called upon the stage with the rest of the team, at the galla premiere in the Imperial Cinema in october 2012.

Personality and motivation

I'm a creative person. I love to bring ideas to life and my goal at this point is to get a great amount of experience in the game- and animated feature film industry. I love to try many different things, and for the same reason I would probably call myself a 3D generalist. However, I have a strong feeling that modelling, animation, and lighting will be my main future competencies. But as I see it, one subject shouldn't exclude the other. Therefore I have also experimented a little bit with rigging and compositing as well as digital sculpting. With a fresh degree in hand, I now feel ready to turn my theoretical knowledge into practical experience.


I can work independently, but I'm also not afraid to seek help from the more experienced. I am open to others ideas and opinions and I'll listen to any critique that  can help me improve. I am ambitious, teachable and organized and through my own experience I have learned to make use of polygons where they benefit the most.


When the day is over I feel better about myself if I've learned something new. I therefore seek stimulating environments, where new tasks and great people can keep me going. As a person I am a responsible, trustworthy, and committed team player. In a production environment I give myself 100 percent because the last thing I want to do is to let down my teammates. I am sympathetic and I feel better about myself when people around me are comfortable and happy - therefore I love to make people laugh, and I really appreciate good humor.


As a 3D artist, it is quite normal to sit down most of the day. Consequently, my physical spare time activities are very important to me. I run, swim and exercise, and have also been doing Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) for some years. I play a little guitar once in a while and I love to chat and hang out with my friends. I love snowboarding and I try to go every year!

As airport responsible for Nortlander Skitours in Austria, I was in Innsbruck airport quite alot during the winter 2015/2016.
Pier 39 (San Francisco 2013).
I absolutely love snowboarding and I try to go every year! (Sälen, Sweden 2008).
Saying hello to this little fellow at Industrial Light & Magic (San Francisco 2013).
I am captain for Team Kræftspring! Every year we run to gather money for charity at Stafet For Livet in Copenhagen (The Danish Cancer Society).
I was thrilled to hug the original Coraline after a great speech at the FMX Conference (Stuttgart 2012).
In the middle of my friends and colleagues at Nortlander Skitours guide course (Montgenèvre, France 2014).
Oh, the force was strong when I first entered the lobby at Industrial Light & Magic (San Francisco 2013).
Enjoying nature in the homeland of my father (Norway 2013).
Having a good time as skiguide for Nortlander Skitours! (Ischgl, Austria 2014/2015).
As airport responsible for Nortlander Skitours in Austria, I was in Innsbruck airport quite alot during the winter 2015/2016.
Les Isambres (South France 2009).

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