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HBN Website renderings

In september 2014 I got an assignment to do for  HBN-Teknik A/S, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Composite solutions for the automotive industry world-wide. My tasks was to deliver 22 different renderings for their new website.

HBN-Teknik is a company that specializes in automotive solutions worldwide made out of composit materials. In 2014 I got the opportunity to do a project for them consisting of 22 images for their new website.

For me this was a challenging job because I had to import and work with some CAD files which I had not tried before. After consulting a good friend of mine that also works in the 3D industry, I found a good solution on how ti import and work on these types of files. Some of them was in better condition than others, and some required alot of attention, remodelling and cleanup.

In the beginning of this job I decided that I wanted to learn how tu use the VRay render engine (I'm normally using Mental Ray). This gave me alot of problems to begin with, especially when the client wanted something very specifik in a short times notice. I had to adapt and do alot of research while working - and to be honest I didn't have much time to sleep during this job.

In the end everything got delivered and the client(s) were satisfied. It was an inspiring job. More technical, less creative.

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