Summer School
Team 1 (Concious Copenhagen)
Team 2 (Smart Democracy)
Team 3 (Copenhagen Skyline)
Team 4 (A day in a life og Gritt)

Summer School

Grontmij A/S is a leading European company in the Consulting & Engineering industry with world class expertise in the fields of energy, highways & roads, light rail, sustainable buildings and water. Grontmij ranks among Europe’s largest engineering consultancies and has a presence in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Turkey and China.

In august 2012 I spent two days at Grontmijs facility in Glostrup, Denmark. Here I helped some of their Summer School students to illustrate their vision for a green CO² neutral Copenhagen in 2050. The students had to present their thoughts and ideas to a panel of judges, and to this presentation me and to other 3D artists had to prepare a unique poster to illustrate each group's vision and concept. There were four teams and all of them were given the same amount of attention - so that we would be able to reach our nerve-wracking deadline. These posters were all created in two days from first idea to final output. It was a pretty challenging experience with no sleep or rest. Nevertheless, everybody was very satisfied with the results.

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