Marco Macaco

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Marco Macaco

As an intern at Nice Ninja in 2012 I got the opportunity to work on the Marco Macaco feature film. It was uplifting to be part of the team and learn from some of the best guys in the danish animation industry. I paintfixed frames in photoshop, fixed small animation issues (feet and hands floating or going through stuff), but I also got to animate a few small things myself. For example I got to animate some hitting canonballs, a waving flag and do the previs for a major explosion. And in the very end I assisted the lighting department with creating some rim light passes, because some characters was a bit hard to see in one specific night scene. It was great!

The Living Poster

During my internship at Nice Ninja  in 2012 I also got to work as an animator on the Marco Macaco Living Poster. I animated the General, his Servant, the Robot, the Bird and the Helicopter. The poster got attention in several cinema lobbies where Marco Macaco was on the program. With me on this project was two of my very good friends and schoolmates: Henrik Christensen and Peter Thomasen.

The Game/App

I also got to work as an animator on the Marco Macaco game app. This was a funny project to work on. Usually I work with 3D characters but for this project we used a different aproach. All characters was rendered out in 3D and then applied onto flat image planes which were put into rigged hirarchy that we could then keyframe animate. It was sort of 3D but with more of a 2D aproach. If you want you can play the game for free - it's right here on Google Play and on the App Store. The app itself was put togheter by a company called Fabulab.

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