Last Hope For Mission Doom

Last Hope For Mission: Doom

Last Hope for Mission: Doom was an intermediate film from The National Film School of Denmark. The movie was an experiment that combined live motion capture  with  classical 3D animation. The concept made it possible for the audience to interact with animated characters in real-time. The combination of animation and real live performances conducted by actors created a unique and magical digital entertainment.

I worked on this project  in my sparetime in 2011 while I was studying at Truemax  Academy. It was great  to meet these people and an utter delight to get a little experience with the motion capture setup. Besides helping the guys with setting up and taking down the equipment, my main task was   to animate a few shots in  Motionbuilder. These clips were prerendered into an intro movie (seen above) that was played to the audience before our actors/3D characters went live "on the stage". The premiere was a great success!

Since their graduation project, these talented guys have started their own company called Rokoko. If you want to know more about their motion capture technique (which they by the way call  Animotion),  don't hesitate to pay them a visit:

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