Hero And The Message

Hero And The Message

“Hero and The Message” is a story about Mohammad and Lulua, two siblings who travel in time with the help of an ultra high-tech train and manage to get involved in key events of Qatari history. The movie premiered during the 2012 Qatar National Day, on December 18. The animation was also presented on Qatari television, in cinemas, and during special screenings, including one at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and Katara.

While "Hero and The Message" is a production made by Platige Image for Al Rayyan Productions, some of the animated acting shots where outsourced to Nice Ninja, where I was working as a project based character animator. I mostly animated underwater scenes of Mohammad and a rope which was quite challenging but very exciting. During the production we were used to see our animation clips as "boring" grey and low resolution preview renders, so when the final look of the movie was revealed to us during a christmas dinner at Nice Ninja, we were almost exploding out of joy! Platige Image really knows how to do their stuff and I really hope that I can visit them or work with them again some day.

If you would like to see the specific parts of this movie that I worked on, I suggest that you take a look at my showreel. The full credits list can be seen here.

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