Figment (Game)


Dustys bewinged companion (artwork by Adrielle Buus Pedersen).
Our main character Dusty - the epitome of courage (artwork by Adrielle Buus Pedersen).

"The world of Figment is essentially a metaphysical representation of the subconscious mind of a person, defined by the personality and experience of that person.


In Figment we seek to create an interconnected world that represents this idea about how the mind is made up. The game world contains areas that are defined by these different traits and the experiences of the mind. Some places will be the creative and freethinking part of the mind, while other areas will be ruled by logic and order, and some might be defined by experiences of the mind. By exploring these areas and tying together clues and events, observant players will be able to learn more about this person. This world, inside the head, of course have inhabitants. Small strange creatures that represents the voices in our head live here. They are a deep seated parts of the sub consciousness, and react the experiences of the mind. The player will play as one of these creatures, a grumpy, but brave, fellow called Dusty, who must go on an adventure to try to save the mind from a series of nightmare creatures trying to take it over."


Below some artwork from the game, including screenshots, early concept art and a handfull of animation previews that I did for the game. Visit Bedtime Digital Games for more info on Figment with blogs, working processes, release prospects etc..

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