DNU (Det Nye Universitetshospital, Aarhus)

In July 2014 I helped Evokon ApS make an interactive visualization of DNU (The New University Hospital) in Aarhus, Denmark. I was brought into the production to assist with modeling, unwrapping and texturing of props. Throughout the production I was in close correspondence with one of Evokons two founders,  since I was working remotely from my home in Copenhagen. I made around 45 props, of which some of them can be seen in the image viewer above.

The purpose of the visualizations was to create a better communication basis both to future employees, but also the general public. The visualizations was made using the Unity Game Engine, and can both be seen below.

In this visualization you can walk around on your own to experience a standard ward from DNU in Aarhus.

In this visualization you are put through a hypothetical scenario at DNU in Aarhus.

You will be able to use common signage, and an indoor GPS system via a mobile app to find your way around.

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